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Look no further for a qualified business to test, install and repair your assembly.   

ASi is recognized by all water authorities in the State of Georgia as a qualified testing, installation, and repair company.  We have the experience and ability to manage all sizes and models of backflow prevention assemblies for various types of water distribution systems.

Did you know that all backflow devices are required by law to be tested annually?

The ASi Advantage

One Call – Unlike many testing companies, ASi is licensed to repair your backflow device should it fail.

Peace of Mind – ASi offers annual reminders to keep you compliant and avoid the risk of your water being shut off.

Experience – ASi has installed, tested, and repaired all kinds of backflow devices from small to large.

Backflow Audits – ASi can help you identify and eliminate cross-connection hazards in your facility to protect your employees and reduce your liability. 

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Why do I need a backflow device?

The short answer is, to keep any used water, industrial fluid, gas or other substance out of the potable water supply.  The water supplier (municipality) requires a device at the edge of your property to keep any liquid from your property from going back into the public water supply.  This is called containment.  In many instances, further protection is required, or recommended, to prevent contaminated water from moving back into the potable water supply on the premises.  This is called isolation.